Letters to My Daughters is a personal and emotional blog featuring recipes, poems and monologues. The author, Tamsin Glover-Emerson, is a mother, wife and feminist.

Until 2009, she made her career in Early Years, and now combines caring for her Daughter at home with a part-time job as a Breastfeeding Network Co-Ordinator for Sure Start. She holds a BA, an MA in Women’s Studies, and a PG dip in Early Years Practice with Early Years Professional Status. She is married to Paul Emerson, a lecturer and Translation professional. Together, they have two beautiful daughters.

She was born in the Lake District, and will shortly move in to a 1940’s house in need of renovation in the South Lakes. For now, she and her husband and partner of ten years have made a cosy, warm home in Halifax in which to nurture their daughters, Daisy Elizabeth and Audrey Evelyn.

Her work has recently been published in The Mother magazine and ‘Letters to Daisy’ is featured in NetMums Parent Bloggers Network.

“I blog for no other reason but to write words down that mean something to me. I have never blogged before- but I have always written. I always blog and publish immediately- I don’t edit and re-edit. This means there are often little mistakes in the text- just like life. I’m interested in Blogging as a reflection of the person: flawed, spur-of-the-moment and emotional.”

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